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Citizenship to a Robot? Yes, Sophia is the World’s First Robot With Citizenship Rights!

By now many reading this article are thinking in their heads, what is Sophia and how come I have never heard of her? Most importantly what and why would a robot attain citizenship. Well IT GURUS OF ATLANTA is here to tell the world that the citizenship is no joke. As of October 25th, 2017, Sophia which is a full-sized robot which has demonstrated social skills and knowledge unmatched by many others in the world.  Sophia of course by the name is a female robot and is also a full pledged citizen of Saudi Arabia which granted the citizenship to the robot.

Sophia is a perfect example of the work of Artificial Intelligence or best called AI. Sophia is capable of speaking concerning business across multiple platforms and industries. She has already met with a variety of decisionmakers across the world and assisted with many different key business decisions. The United Nations has already recognized Sophia by giving her an official role working with UNDP to safeguard human rights. How can a robot accomplish so much in such a little time, well its precisely said, Sophia is a robot and is currently the flagship for her maker, which is Hanson Robotics.

Sophia has managed to grab a reader base that subscribe to her videos and press coverages of over 10 billion readers in 2017. This is an astronomical figure as most celebrities themselves do not reach a pinnacle of that much of a fan-based audience.   The key feature of Sophia is her ability to display emotion and adapt to her environment by changing the tone, then matching what she is saying with the appropriate expression. The creator and owner of Sophia is Dr. David Hanson. Mr. Hanson worked previously as an “Imagineer” at Disney.   Because of his genius he was able to leave Disney and create his own company. Mr. Hanson’s motto is that to for robot to have the fundamental likeness of humanity, then the robot should possess creativity, empathy, and compassion. Those three traits are the design for a fully interactive experience with an AI such as Sophia.


The next phase in the Hanson Robotics project is to manufacture Sophia or “like-Sophia’s” for home use. Currently the production cost of the original Sophia is too much for the average person to afford, but the open platform allows for any developer to create their own Sophia built off of the current algorithms that Sophia is running on. Hanson Robotics which is based out of Hong Kong, built Sophia and modelled her features off of Audrey Hepburn, whom was a famous British actress.  Much of the features of crying. Laughing, and even expressing joy or anger is features that were displayed by Audrey Hepburn during her time.

Sophia has graduated since her original introduction to now being able to walk on her own with Hanson Robotics adding legs to her repute.  As AI technology develops so does the learning capabilities and functions with Sophia. She is adamant about protecting human rights and is a clear derivative of the future and where we as a society is heading. Now how much control and human-likeness will be give this humanoid generation is unclear, but definitely is a eye-brow raiser as the future begins to unfold. IT GURUS OF ATLANTA is dedicated to ensure that these technological breakthroughs are brought to the cusp of inquiring minds. It is our dedication and quality that recognizes these changes and adapt along with the change of times.


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