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Samsung’s Foldable Phone Combines Best of Both Worlds.

We have officially entered the era of foldable phones with the Galaxy Infinity Flex.

Samsung has finally introduced to the world its first foldable phone this week. This announcement was not like others with every detail of the device being displayed as they were for the Galaxy S9 or Note 9 prototype showing. Instead, Samsung decided to hide details behind a lot of smoke and mirrors by only teasing the phone through a short video and by having a prototype hoisted on stage by an executive.

Although Samsung has never displayed the device up-close, they did disclose the dimension of the display being 4.5- and 7.3-inch screen sizes. The device is fully backed by Google and Android support for all of the foldable phones, regardless of the manufacturer.

Samsung’s marketing point for this phone is that it’s a device with cellular connection that with a simple gesture can be unfolded into a fully functioning tablet. The prototype has your basic tablet-like features but folds inward similar to a book, while Royole’s Flex Pal, another foldable phone, folds outward. The foldable phone has a unibody display folding at its midpoint. Samsung has developed an entirely new display for this phone, the infinity Flex Display. Because usual displays have layers that are stacked and made to be unmoving. Samsung created a new adhesive that laminates the display layers, so they can fold thousands of times without any external or internal damage made to the phone and the display.

The advantages to a foldable screen are clear to most of us asking for more screen space, but also value compact ability. For example, Samsung’s model shows a 4.5-inch display when its closed and that is your phone display. Then the inside can be flipped open to be a fully functioning tablet allowing you to have that screen space to stream videos, read, and display pictures with a radiant and larger screen. Samsung is also giving us the ability to multitask in three areas at once, allowing us to open different apps a separate area of the screen. Many questions what happens when you open and close the phone when you’re using an app? The foldable phone will automatically transfer the app or screen you were previously on to fit the screen you have opened.

Battery life is a concern being that there is now more active screen to drain your battery. Samsung has let us know that they aim to give their foldable phone as much battery life as their Note 9. The US version of the Note 9 lasts for an average of 19 hours.

Samsung has been holding back many details about this phone leaving us anxious and awaiting more info including how much the device costs. As of now Samsung has not announced the price of this foldable phone but when trying to get an idea we look at other foldable phones that have released and their starting prices. The Royole FlexPal costs $1,318 for their 6GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage. We can assume that the Samsung infinity Flex will be a bit pricier given the latest technology.

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