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IT Security System

Information System Security

IT GURUS OF ATLANTA provides advanced Information System Security (ISS) solutions that encompass every security measure against fraudulent activities, natural disasters, malwares, and system penetration attempts like SQL injections and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS).

Our team of certified security experts ensures that users and stakeholders get world-class security standards, quick issue response time, and constant security updates that ward off virus attacks and various decryption tools. Business process delays are kept to the minimum and employees using the information system are meticulously trained by our very own licensed professionals to adeptly enforce security standards and handle security issues.


Information System

The IT GURUS OF ATLANTA employs strict IT system governance to ensure safe and clean data inputs for the organizational information system. Security professionals will work closely with key personnel to ensure data policies, procedures, and standards are properly enforced and communicated throughout the organization to assure each organizational data can be trusted.

Demand Governance

The IT GURUS OF ATLANTA ensures that the organization is getting the most effective and most efficient of application of Information Technology to meets its core business goals. Through demand governance, the IT GURUS OF ATLANTA will process demand through thorough evaluation methods that allow them to choose and recommend which process or system should be prioritized and funded. The IT GURUS OF ATLANTA will see to it that the IT system implementation goes smoothly and runs according to the goals set.

Organizational Data

With the supervision of IT professionals from IT GURUS OF ATLANTA, organizational data governance initiatives will be fully compliant with external data regulation policies like HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel I, and Basel II. The risk of sensitive data leakages are effectively managed through data governance best practices such as the ISO/IEC 38500 and COBIT enforced by the IT GURUS OF ATLANTA.

IT Governance Personnel

Key personnel in data stewardship position and managerial roles will be working hand-in-hand with the IT GURUS OF ATLANTA to deploy organization-wide data governance efforts that will secure quality information exchanges within the organization minus the risk of sensitive data leakages.

Security IT Operations

Dedicated IT Security Experts

IT GURUS OF ATLANTA‘s Security IT Operations Team is composed of certified security experts that thoroughly track, do penetration tests, and assess the security levels of each of your business applications and computing platforms, whether it’s mobile devices, laptop, or desktop computer, to ensure your system is safe from system intrusion attempts and malware.

Intellectual Property Protection

The Security IT Operations team from IT GURUS OF ATLANTA will make sure that the intellectual properties and sensitive information of the organization will be properly protected from illegal exposure, destruction, and changes commonly instigated by unauthorized parties and softwares.

Security Performance

The IT GURUS OF ATLANTA will ensure delivery of dashboards that provide up to date information of the organization’s present security performance where top-level stakeholders can easily identify IT risks and potential information system hazards and allocate appropriate preventive actions.

CIA Triad

The IT GURUS OF ATLANTA utilizes the CIA’s triad of confidentiality, integrity, and availability as the driving forces behind their information security approach. Confidential information will be kept undisclosed, the data will remain clean, accurate, and unmodified, and the computing platforms will remain available and functional for information retrieval purposes in the face of security risks and threats like service disruptions, spam flooding, and DDoS attacks.

Security Architecture

Information Security Protocols & Controls

Knowledge of your organization’s current information security risk posture is a critical component of ISS. The team of IT GURUS OF ATLANTA will review your organization’s internet connectivity, application inventories, and process diagram so it can provide sound and comprehensive security architecture with correctly positioned information security protocols and controls according to your organization’s present system and security needs.

Security Architecture Process

The IT GURUS OF ATLANTA will first evaluate the impact of an organization’s business assets and weigh it against its exposure to security vulnerability and threats. The team will then design the security in accordance to the level of risk at hand. The security architecture will then be deployed according to global standards and complies with the real-time implementation.

CISSP-Certified Team

The security architecture team of IT GURUS OF ATLANTA is composed of Information Systems Security Architecture Professionals who are CISSP-certified with proven track record and experience in information security-related systems architecture ensuring a comprehensive IT security architecture for your organization.

IT Security Architecture Frameworks

High-level IT security architecture frameworks like the SABSA , IAEAF, SOMF, TOGAF, and Zachman Frameworks will be chosen according to its alignment with your organizational goals and strategies ensuring seamless security architecture deployment and IT systems migration.

Risk Management

Risk Management Framework

The IT GURUS OF ATLANTA are knowledgeable and experienced in various risk assessment constituent processes, like the ISO 27005 framework, that identifies system vulnerabilities and threats and provides adequate ISS countermeasures to minimize risk and potential damages. Your organization will be subject to risk assessments carried out by the risk management team of IT GURUS OF ATLANTA supported by domain experts for optimized assessment of every area and department through a quantitative approach.

Enterprise Risk Management

The IT GURUS OF ATLANTA will ensure that implementation and operation of information systems within an enterprise are continuously maintained for real-time identification, assessment, and management of enterprise risks.

CISA-certified Team

The Risk Management professionals of IT GURUS OF ATLANTA are CISA-certified and are well-equipped for risk management iterations for constant defense against emerging information system threats and vulnerabilities.

Assurance and IT Audit

Information System Health

Through IT GURUS OF ATLANTA’s rigorous testing methods, your intranet, extranet, e-Commerce solutions, local area networks (LAN), wide area networks(WAN), and various links with outside parties will be professionally evaluated according to global security standards and your business objectives, ensuring the health and performance of your information system.

ISACA-compliant Standards

Organizational IT assurance and auditing will be overseen by CISA-certified professionals of IT GURUS OF ATLANTA with extensive IT auditing experiences compliant to the auditing standards set by ISACA. Application security, network vulnerability, logical security, controls, and encryption are included in the thorough system checkup and testing.

Joint IT Audit Operations

The team will work closely with key personnel for additional information on organizational flowcharts, data center personnel, operating systems, physical security and the IT policies, procedures, budget, and systems planning to ensure IT auditing objectives are met according to global security standards and practices.


Topnotch Data Storage and Backup

Disaster recovery and data backup systems are crucial elements of a well-fortified ISS. Through the use of high-level data housing and cloud backup solutions, IT GURUS OF ATLANTA ensures your business is safe from significant damages caused by technical glitches, natural disasters, malware, and various form of system penetration.

Continuity of Operations Plan

The organization will be subject to a comprehensive Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) provided by the dedicated data recovery team of IT GURUS OF ATLANTA for clear-cut data protection and recovery procedures the organization should take in case of natural, environmental and artificial disasters.

Data Recovery

Data priorities, data recovery strategies, and other preemptive measures will be specified by the data recovery team through a technical document provided after completing IT security assurance and auditing processes.

Training and Awareness

Certified Security Training

Your employees are the first layer of your ISS defense. IT GURUS OF ATLANTA offers InfoSec trainings and certifications facilitated by certified security professionals with solid track records, that will equip your employees with InfoSec knowledge and tools to effectively pinpoint and address IT security risks and flaws that might harm your business operations.

Industry Knowledge Sharing

Industry knowledge, experience, and know-how on information security will be provided to employees by licensed penetration testers, certified systems security practitioners, information systems auditor, and various security analysts to ensure complete employee knowledge and technical skills to assess and communicate security threats and vulnerabilities to relevant departments and teams to prevent substantial damage.

Security Training & Knowledge Application

After the training, employees will undergo through a security paradigm shift that will make them highly security-aware and will foster a culture of security initiatives and policies that prevent security threats from dealing damages and minimizing security risks.

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