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InTune & VMWare MDM – Mobile Device Management

InTune & VMWare MDM

Mobile Device Management or MDM as it is popularly called allows small businesses, enterprises, and the government to give the flexibility, mobility, and productivity to utilize mobile devices as a productivity tool. The convenience of accessing the company network, resources, applications, and data on a mobile device brings the ease of not having to carry around a bulky laptop. Tablets and mobile devices are currently the preferred method of handling business, especially business on-the-go. Users can quickly access material needed to close a sale, give support to a problem, or provide on-the-spot solutions with ease of access.

An MDM Platform also gives the freedom of having “guests” access the company internet through the WiFi without giving them access to the company network which will provide a security risk. BYOD commonly called or Bring Your Own Device unhinges users from having to utilize a company provided phone or tablet. Users can now purchase or use their own devices to access company resources. Just as seamlessly as the user is able to add the company resources to their BYOD, the data and access to the company resources can be removed without harming the user’s existing data located on the BYOD.

Unhinge the limitations of having to purchase devices for the entire company. Secure all mobile devices to ensure that all company related material is kept securely. Give employees the freedom of accessing work material and maintain productivity on the go. Provide wireless access to visitors that come to your facility without giving them access to the company network.

IT GURUS OF ATLANTA has many different MDM solutions which we have partnered with and will utilize the best MDM platform to suit your company needs. Let us implement the best solution for your company and give the freedom that is almost a requirement in today’s market.

Manage Mobile Devices In One Location

Security on Mobile Devices

Ability to Monitor Mobile Device Usage

Dashboards deliver an interactive, graphical summary of your operations and compliance, allowing IT to report in real-time across the entire enterprise.

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