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Network Monitor & Solutions

Your Enterprise Network Experts

The central location or brains of any organization is their network. We have partnered with 4 different data centers to ensure that all company and client networks are adequately monitored, maintained, controlled, and optimized. There are several redundancy and backup solutions in place to ensure high availability of critical functions. IT GURUS OF ATLANTA emphasizes measures to be proactive in forecasting against potential issues that might arise.

Our Network Team

IT GURUS OF ATLANTA has specialized teams of NOC technicians, architects, DBA’s, engineers, and programmers to ensure that NOC services are optimal. All IT GURUS OF ATLANTA teams are certified professionals with a proven track record of efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. .

Issue resolutions are often done behind the scenes without the knowledge of the client/customer noticing any difference in service performance. Remote support is done to complete upgrades, software deployment, and patches to the network

IT GURUS OF ATLANTA acknowledges the need for IT staff within an organization to conduct and be responsible for many duties. One of those duties is to ensure that the company network, applications, databases, security, and integrity is always up and available. IT GURUS OF ATLANTA alleviates much of the internal extra man hours by providing the support your company needs through our NOC services. Our services reduce your company’s liability and risk, while reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

Your company network, data being housed, and integrity is too precious to entrust to services or providers which only consider your company as a number. IT GURUS OF ATLANTA creates long lasting relationships with our clients and customers to ensure a personalized experience no matter if it is a small business, enterprise, or government entity. Let IT GURUS OF ATLANTA provide your NOC services today!

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