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NASA’s Satellite Imaging Device Delivers a Powerful View of California Wild Fires

Friday, July 5th, 2019

Due to a horrifying combination of low humidity, dry soil, and high winds Southern California has been packed with devastating wild fires in the last five years.

Experts have expressed concerns that infernos to this magnitude will become more and more frequent with climate change gradually making conditions in the Southwest region warmer and drier. Locals have been evacuated and warned to not travel near the path of the recent blaze, but with such dangerous conditions even reporters are threading consciously when attempting to show images of the fire to the public. On Thursday morning NASA’s Earth Observing Data and information System (EOSDIS) Worldview application acquired a closer look to the California blazes using the devices high powered abilities.

NASA’s Landsat 8 (EOSDIS) has the ability to interactively browse over 700 global views, with full resolution satellite imagery layers. The device then downloads the underlying data exceptionally fast for satellite observation. Many of the imagery layers are updated within 3 hours of the observation taking place providing a “real-time” update of the observation sight. Areas of active fire are highlighted and easily pin-pointed with short-infrared light. The EOSIDIS application collects natural-color imaging using the VIIRS (Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite) instrument. Climatologists utilize tools such as VIIRS data to measure cloud and aerosol properties, ocean color, sea, and land surface temperature, and fires. This imaging isn’t only impressive, but necessary to inform locals and safety enforcement officials of actively burning fires detected by thermal bands and shown as red points indicated via the satellite image.

The images captured put the raging wild fires into clear perspective showing the rapid spread of smoke from all three blazes. This device reaches new heights of visualization that the average helicopter view cannot capture. Due to the wide range of the satellite, keeping sight on the multiple fires can be done quickly and clearly. The average satellite sends imaging back to earth in 5-10 hours and even with the longer arrival times the resolution of the images just aren’t as accurate compared to NASA’s EOSDIS Landsat 8.

By 8:00 PM local time, NASA’s Landsat 8 was able to capture the wild fires had consumed 20,000 acres of land and latest reports say 70,00 acres of land have been caught in the fires path. The most concerning fact may be that as of latest reports the fire is only 5 percent contained. With the help of NASA’s Landsat 8 southern California locals and us all over the world have a close eye on the progress made to diminish the blaze in its tracks and any prospective areas that may be affected by this devastating event. This is just one of the many instances where technology and innovation is used to inform and make our lives safer.

IT Gurus of Atlanta continues to prove that we are leaders in the technological field and we will keep providing updates on more innovative and inspiring updates in this arena.

Microsoft Azure Technology on Government owned Servers!

Thursday, March 8th, 2018

Microsoft and the government has long since been in a battle of the territory as the Microsoft cloud space becomes more viable and the more inexpensive solution for mobility.  The Microsoft cloud space has taken off like a rocket in terms of businesses taking advantage of the cloud offerings such as Office 365, Azure, InTune, RMS, Dynamics 365, and more. All these products by Microsoft is giving businesses which were once steadfast and locked into a certain territory due to equipment and its maintenance, now the ability to have a global presence with access to their secured data. This is what Microsoft data centers are, which is essentially the cloud. It eliminates the need for conventional equipment while cutting costs and increasing the availability of the data.

Businesses have gone from whole, full fledged data centers into single standalone data backup solutions with their primary corporate data being housed on Microsoft servers.  Microsoft has since boasted the a 99% availability for the data and its assets. To bundle up that high-availability, Microsoft has managed to make its products diverse enough to be used on any computer and innovative enough to where it can be shared, removed, administered, and manipulated with 100% sustainability. By proving this methodology and this products viability, Microsoft has taken a foot hold of the business community worldwide as the entire world is skipping to the beat of the Microsoft Cloud space.



The one entity, and typically is the last component to jump on a popular trend, is the government. Unless the government has a hand in the technology to house their own version of the product or have a secured version of the product that they manage, then they are a bit skeptical to join the band wagon with the rest of the world. For the questions about security and the ability to control or administer the data as per government standards and regulation is the reason Microsoft came up with Azure Government. This Azure space or data center space is specifically and strategically designed for the government to give them the foothold on their data that they require. Various government entities have been making moves towards Azure Government, but it has been a very slow and monotonous process due to the heavy testing and redesigning of certain aspects in order to accommodate the various government department requirements.

Microsoft announced this week to make even more concessions for the government and this is by far one of the greatest. Microsoft announced on Monday that they would allow the government to run Azure Cloud technology on their own servers. This gives the government full control over the cloud space, while being able to utilize Azure full scale with no possibility of the data being housed along with the private sector. Due to hacking possibilities and the security required at government facilities, this gives the government the ease of knowing that they can now utilize the technology without compromising the new currency, which is data!

The utilization of Microsoft Azure in the government space on their servers allows that silo capability that some of these agencies require, such as the military and embassies abroad. These sectors and segments of government will always require their own servers to manage the data being housed. This movement has been confirmed by Microsoft’s head of Global Infrastructure, which is Tom Keane.  Tom’s idea is to utilize the Azure Stack in that scenario and make it more attractive to these siloed agencies to expand the reach of Microsoft Cloud technology in the government space.

Due to this move that the cloud space is making, the cloud movement is set to move up a whopping $74.7 billion, which is a 36% increase from 2017.  These are the numbers pushed by Canalys due to their research and discovery.  Currently out of that increase, Microsoft is set to house at least 14% of that increase in global cloud presence. As the world braces for more innovation from Microsoft and its partners such as IT GURUS OF ATLANTA, Azure Government is set to rapidly grow in the government sector globally. IT GURUS OF ATLANTA will continue to present updates to the Microsoft Cloud space as we are a trusted Microsoft partner of choice.

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