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Cloud Migrations

Whether your organization is an enterprise or a government entity, IT GURUS OF ATLANTA can streamline the process of migration into the cloud for a fraction of the cost without sacrificing service level or quality. By setting up each client with options to get their environment into the Cloud a smooth transition, IT GURUS OF ATLANTA has managed to bring in the small business clients the mobility tools they need to be successful.

From the preparation of assessing the environment, our experts can onsite or remotely view all road blocks and devise solutions geared to the successful completion of a migration project. Milestones are key in this effort to ensure that the client is aware of where IT GURUS OF ATLANTA team is in the process, and for transparency on both sides to see the migration unfold. Communication is key to any migration including the skills, training, development, processes, and support. For that reason, we at IT GURUS OF ATLANTA strive for the best in client satisfaction and emphasize our goal, which is client satisfaction.

Office 365 Migration

Microsoft Office is one of the largest products on the Microsoft flagship that most organizations use for productivity. It is quite easy to see why companies are striving for more efficient ways to keep production up and cost low. With Microsoft’s introduction of Office 365, organizations now can distribute complete office products at a fraction of the cost, while having their employees work from virtually anywhere in the world. No more limitations of an on-premise exchange or the hardware maintenance which is associated with this product.

Office 365 allows companies to communicate via Skype for Business, network via Yammer, collaborate via SharePoint, and be productive via the office suite of products from Word to PowerPoint. This complete suite was devised with cross-platform communication and interoperability in mind, which is why the utilization of this product is essential for businesses to cut cost and remain efficient.

IT GURUS OF ATLANTA handles the entire process from initial engagement conversations to full blown migration projects. We take the stress out of the process, include our expert personal touch, and ensure that client data and resources are protected during the entire process.

Azure Cloud Space


Forget about the ties of traditional Active Directory. Microsoft is taking its whole arsenal to the cloud in Azure. Azure has solutions which are designed to provide government entities through Azure Government Cloud computing, which consists of hybrid flexibility, comprehensive compliance checks, superior protection, and a special cloud instance that is designed for government entities only. This cloud space includes the exclusivity of government entities and the knowledge that all data is housed in the US at Microsoft data centers across the country. This service comes with this heightened level of security including the services that are provided for businesses.


For companies, the Azure Cloud space is the cloud solution to much of the conventional methods of handling data including virtualization. Azure shifts the focus from hardware into application based solutions that are viable and able to be utilized from mobile devices. Azure bases support for multiple programming languages (Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, .Net, and Ruby) to allow the flexibility of writing custom application development and scripts. Auto-scaling within Azure allows for the services to be scaled up or down depending on usage to cut costs and save money. The unique feature of Azure is the ability to deploy thousands of virtual instances in a matter of minutes compared to conventional virtual machine solutions in the past. There is also integrated health, monitoring, and load balancing which help alleviate the load of administrators. Virtual machines also have integrated automatic operating system and application patching.

Enterprise Mobility Suite

This robust suite combines all of Microsoft’s major product lines by engaging them under one suite has been Microsoft’s vision as they mold their single pane of glass platform solution. Enterprise Mobility Suite combines all the major services which Microsoft offers in the cloud under one unique license which can be broken down individually per user, department, or device. There are over 75 additional services which can be added to make this suite more customizable such as Microsoft Dynamics, Media, Network, Bot Service, Container Service, and others which will enhance the EMS experience. The Enterprise Mobility Suite combines the top Microsoft products which are Azure Premium AD, InTune, and RMS.

Azure Premium Active Directory

Azure Premium AD offers a cloud solution to the conventional Active Directory which may require a full team, hardware, and additional software to manage. This complete service automates many processes which in on-premise versions must be monitored and requires mundane tasks to keep fully functional. This service comes with Identity Protection and Privileged Identity Management. Azure AD Premium P2 offers risk-based conditional access to applications and company data.


InTune is Microsoft’s cloud based solution that can work independently or in hybrid along with SCCM. While SCCM does is Microsoft’s on-premise solution for device management, InTune offers the same solution, but for any mobile device that connects to the internet located anywhere in the world. With compliance and configuration policies that secure company data, including MFA, InTune whether standalone or hybrid offers the security that clients require in today’s market to ensure data integrity and industry standard.

Rights Management Services (RMS)

Protection of company shared materials both internally and externally is key when distributing sensitive information across networks and among resources that can be located anywhere in the world. RMS gives that comfort and reliability to share documents, files, and other data while ensuring that the designated receiver only accesses this information. RMS also secures the rights given to the user with real-time access data, changing/revoking access in real-time even after data is sent out, and the ability to integrate with mail applications such as Outlook seamlessly.

From large scale organizations to small businesses, IT GURUS OF ATLANTA as a Microsoft Partner, prides itself with the Engineers, Architects, and Project managers to efficiently handle cloud migrations from a small scale to a large global scale. Our round experience from Project Management to Design/Architecture is unsurpassed by our ability to provide a truly noteworthy product to end clients by expert handling. Let us provide your comprehensive solution to your organization or government entity today.

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